About us

The UK Lung Cancer Coalition (UKLCC) is a coalition of the UK’s leading lung cancer experts, senior NHS professionals, charities and healthcare companies.

It was established in November 2005 to help to bring lung cancer out of the political, clinical and media shadow.

The organisation’s long-term vision is to double one year lung cancer survival by 2015 and five year survival by 2020*

In addition to sponsorship and grants from its constituent organisations, including charities, core funding for the UKLCC is obtained from membership fees received from pharmaceutical companies.
* based on survival rate figures from 1996-99.

What are the key aims and objectives of the UKLCC?

The UKLCC’s key objectives are to:-

  • Raise political awareness of lung cancer
  • Raise the general public’s awareness of lung cancer – and especially encourage earlier presentation and symptom recognition
  • Empower patients to take an active part in their care
  • Improve lung cancer services in the UK

How can people contact the UKLCC?

People can contact the UKLCC by contacting the UKLCC Secretariat at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

UKLCC Secretariat, c/o Red Hot Irons Ltd info@uklcc.org Telephone: 01675 477 605 Facsimile: 0121 336 1914